Penrose Gas Distribution Pipeline

Vector Gas

July 2015

Carter Holt Harvey, Penrose Auckland

Length: 600m

Size: 100NB

Objective—To supply gas to anew boiler inside the Carter Hat Harvey Recycling plant in Penrose Auckland.

This Projects objective was to design and build a 100NB Gas pipeline form the IP20 Gas Main on the corner of Church street and Hugo Johnson Drive through to new boiler inside the Carter Holt Harvey Paper Mill.

This included wrapping , jeeping Hydro testing and Drying of the line ready for commissioning it was a very complex job due to the nature of its location in a high volume traffic and industrial area of Auckland.

The Project comprised of street works, Night works, excavation through extremely hard volcanic rock, asbestos contaminated areas, trenching and pipe installation through and around existing services, installation and drilling of a 12” spherical Tee Hot Tap fitting installation 25 flanged fittings, the removal of damping of all excavated material due to potential asbestos contamination and the impartation of all backfill material from certified Quarries.

Careful planning and coordination was required with Auckland Transport, Auckland Council, Arborists, other contractors and Carter Holt Harvey to ensure the project was completed within the very strict timeframe and with little or no disruption to traffic flow on Hugo Johnson Drive or to the 100 trucks delivering recycled paper to the plant.

All was done without a single Incident.