M2PP Twin Line Realignment

Vector Gas

June 2014

Waikanae, Kapiti Coast

Length: Both lines are 2km

Size: 200NB and 300NB

This project consisted of Warner Construction Ltd completing the realignment of both the 8” and 12” main gas lines between Mackay’s and Peka Peka along the Kapiti Coast. Thisr ealignment was carried out due to the new expressway being built.

Our scope for this project included many requirements throughout the realignment of both gas lines. Welding, Pipe Bending, 100% NDT, Hydro-testing, Drying, Coating Application, Installation of Ground Anchors, Surveying, Hot Tapping and QA were all apart of the realignment.

This project also involved four tie-in sections to the existing main gas lines on both the 8” and 12” lines, and the construction of a Delivery Point Station along the new pipeline route.

Both lines of this realignment are 2km long with each line including three under bore sections. The shortest under bore section was 170m in the length to the longest being 470m in length. The use of under boring the pipelines was carried out due to the geographical make up of the land and its high water content.

Warner Construction Ltd was able to complete all under bore sections with all their own excavators and side booms. The pipelines were picked up on rollers and back pulled through the ground by the drilling company. All under bores were on target and went in without any problems.