Wills Road Subdivision Stage 2

Wills Road Subdivision Stage 2

Wills Road, Bell Block, New Plymouth

Knight Group



Stage 2

In April 2016, we started stage 2 of the Wills Road Subdivision.

The site had already had the first part of earthworks started in it so we started with our drainage team going in and laying the new sewer system and manholes and connecting laterals to the proposed property boundary’s and laid the storm water system and sumps. All of these were inspected by cctv, hydro tested and passed by council.

We then installed the new water main through the site including valves, fire hydrants and house connections to the boundary.

Along side all of these, sub contractors came in and laid gas, power and fiber.

We then prepped for road and kerb and channel which we formed and poured with our own kerbing machine and contrete crew who also boxed up and poured all the footpaths and crossing in the subdivision.

Once road prep was done the subdivision got sealed and we re- instated and grass seeded all the berms.