Tarata Road Seal Widening and Minor Safety Improvements 

Tarata Road, Inglewood, Taranaki

New Plymouth District council



This was another project for the New Plymouth District Council to improve safety on Tarata Road.

The job consisted of bulk earth works removing vegetation and 5000+ m3 of material to improve line of site round corners these were battered with some site benching and Hydroseeded cut to waste material taken away via 6 wheeler trucks and tractor trailer units.

The job also involved cutting of high spots in the road as well as filling low ones this also improved line of site throughout the road. Once sub grade was cut and proofed rolled whe then proceeded to construct full pavement width as per the design, this also involved installation of a rural inlet structure and culvert crossing across the road as well as driveway culverts. The team on site persevered with the sometimes demanding weather and push on to achieve a good end result.