Oakura Gabion Basket Wall

Oakura Gabion Basket Wall

Oakura, Taranaki

New Plymouth District Council



This was a NPDC contract awarded after tender to WCL. Although not a large contract by dollar value it was made considerably more difficult with a very short time frame for the resource consent from TRC.

The award gave us around 9 days to do the contract once awarded to be able to be out of the water and not break the TRC consent conditions. NPDC almost did not do the contract for fear that the work would be in breach of the consent. WCL gave assurance that we would be out of the water work which was the condition of consent within the time period and then would finish the work above water after that. The contract was awarded and we started the next day.

We excavated the river bed to form the new alignment levels., widened the river path and redirected the water path to allow the Gabion baskets to be placed and to protect the playground, skate park and surf club. We placed and filled 288m2 of Reno mattress and then matched to 2 layers of Gabion Baskets totalling 45 baskets with heavy Rip Rap protection at each end.  The contract was completely finished and handed back to NPDC in 9 days.