Hurford and Mangorei Roads Seal Widening and Minor Safety Improvements 

Hurford Road & Mangorei Road, Taranaki

New Plymouth District council



This project was for the New Plymouth District Council which involved the Widening of a section of road on both Hurford and Mangorei Roads.

The job involved bulk earth works to remove 6000+ m3 of material which some was used in fill areas and the rest taking to a tip head via truck and tractor trailer units close to the job sites. Batter faces were then cut to grade by our experienced operators with some site benching and then hydroseeded.

A number of power poles had to be relocated throughout the site to allow for the works to continue through as well as areas of vegetation removed, which required specialist subcontractors to carry out.

The works consisted of widenings, full pavement construction and pavement dig outs with some requiring geo textile fabric to be put down on top of the sub grade. Also drainage works involving the installation of rural inlet structures and culvert crossings under driveways.

Some of the challenges faced on these jobs was weather with a lot of rain during the bulk earthworks part of the project as well as existing pavement not meeting spec and requiring extra dig outs.