Devon Intermediate Storm Water Upgrade

Devon Intermediate School

BSM Group Architects



The project was in response to the undersized storm water pipework in the existing network and associated flooding risks in the school premises. The idea was to make no change to the existing storm water network, and solving the problem by constructing concrete and grass swales and cut-off drains with wider collection area.

The main challenge involved with this project was to work around existing services, the location of which were impossible to be accurately identified. The drain around the library was hand dug to avoid damaging any of the services.

The work involved removal of raised gardens, trees, handrails and also involved removal of concrete paths and pavers, and construction of  cut-off drain base and retaining walls, concrete and grass swales, each of which were tied into one another with varying slopes ranging from 0.6% to 9.0%. The project witnessed some really interesting formworks and boxing. The walkways over the swales were pedestrian access was required were covered with FRP grating.