Colson Road Landfill

Colson Road Landfill

Colson Road, New Plymouth

New Plymouth District Council



In 2016 Warner Construction was awarded the NPDC Colson Road landfill project to run and manage the site till the landfill closes.


The landfill has been improved drastically over the last 12 months to where we are today.


Warner Construction invested a large sum of money into a Bomag 772 compactor. Purpose built in Germany for our company and delivered to the landfill as New Plant. This was featured in the Contract Magazine upon its delivery


The Compactor along with the management and knowledge of the staff has transformed the landfill into a great contract. It is not only a clean tidy place to work it is more than meeting the required expectation of the Resource consents, Regional council monthly audits and also the expectations of our client NPDC and the Rate payers of the Taranaki region.


The Health and safety of the operation has been significantly tightened up from what is was prior to Warner’s taking over and this has made the complete environment at the site a much safer and better run operation.


Warner Construction has a long term view for the future landfill operations within the region and to support the rate payers of the region by providing the best management and services to reduce costs and create a better environment for the region in general.


Our no compromise attitude to quality and to service for our clients is a major part of why this operation is running so well now after a long time of poor performance